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Uwafen Transforms Seed Multiplication with Predictive Analytics

Uwafen Transforms Seed Multiplication with Predictive Analytics
Uwafen, a global leader in seed multiplication, redefined the industry by introducing the use of Predictive Analytics in its processes. Collaborating with INNSPIRAL, they created a unique model based on machine learning, marking a milestone in maximizing seed germination and ensuring a promising future for the company.

In 2018, Uwafen, one of the world’s leading companies in seed multiplication with global clients, decided to further elevate its standard to optimize a critical process in its business. The company founders turned to INNSPIRAL to address this digital transformation challenge through innovation.

There was no registered case worldwide for these seeds that used machine learning to address seed germination maximization, as it had traditionally been a process dependent on human decision-making. Thanks to the Uwafen and INNSPIRAL teams, data was collected from 2013 to be interpreted and used as input for a predictive analytics model. Along with this, a digital tool was developed to support real-time operational decision-making.

Uwafen’s collaboration with INNSPIRAL yielded a recommendation model that guided a critical phase of the company’s business through predictive analytics, aiming to further increase seed germination. The future looks promising for Uwafen.

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