About us

We are a leading innovation company with over 35 years of experience in the market, developing projects for large companies in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico.

We stand out for driving innovative capacity through a comprehensive perspective that encompasses business, technology, and design.

We are certified as a B Corporation, a distinction that recognizes our commitment to balancing financial success with social and environmental well-being. From our perspective and expertise, we empower innovative initiatives aligned with trends and new technologies, always highlighting the social and environmental impact.

Meet our team of experts in innovation, data analytics, strategic design, digital strategy, and UX UI.

Work with us
Empresa Certificada
  • Iván Vera

    Iván Vera

    Co founder

  • Arturo Herrera

    Arturo Herrera

    Partner & Project Director 

  • Joselyn Bravo

    Joselyn Bravo

    Partner & Project Director 

  • Carlos Muñoz

    Carlos Muñoz

    Partner & Project Director 

  • Camila Mohr

    Camila Mohr

    Partner & CEO

  • Ricardo Cea

    Ricardo Cea

    Partner & Project Manager

  • Alfonso Abadía

    Alfonso Abadía

    Partner & Project Manager 

  • Cristina Rojas

    Cristina Rojas

    Project Manager 

  • Juan Pedro Montero

    Juan Pedro Montero

    Project Manager 

  • Pablo Gaete

    Pablo Gaete

    Project Manager 

  • José Miguel Chapa

    José Miguel Chapa

    Project Manager 

  • Daniela Danioni

    Daniela Danioni

    Business Senior Leader

  • Felipe Barrera

    Felipe Barrera

    Senior Business Leader 

  • Javier Iriarte

    Javier Iriarte

    Senior Business Leader 

  • Jorge Monsalve

    Jorge Monsalve

    Business Leader 

  • Verónica Mas

    Verónica Mas

    Business Leader

  • Florencia Aguirre

    Florencia Aguirre

    Design Leader

  • Franco Guillón

    Franco Guillón

    Business Developer

  • Valentina Fernández

    Valentina Fernández

    Business Developer

  • Constanza Herrera

    Constanza Herrera

    Business Developer 

  • Macarena Rojas

    Macarena Rojas

    Business Developer

  • Fabiana Tarsetti

    Fabiana Tarsetti

    Business Developer

  • Francisco León

    Francisco León

    Business Designer

  • Antonia Díaz

    Antonia Díaz

    Business Developer

  • Macarena Gamerre

    Macarena Gamerre

    Tech Developer

  • Henry Fuentes

    Henry Fuentes

    Tech Developer

  • Sofía Fuentes

    Sofía Fuentes

    Business Analyst

  • Florencia Kobus

    Florencia Kobus

    Business Analyst

  • Raimundo Barros

    Raimundo Barros

    Business Analyst

  • Marietta Hernández

    Marietta Hernández

    Business Analyst

  • Nicolás Peirano

    Nicolás Peirano

    Business Analyst

  • Fernanda Cortés

    Fernanda Cortés

    Business Analyst

  • Tomás Ugarte

    Tomás Ugarte

    Business Analyst

  • Juan Pablo Sáez

    Juan Pablo Sáez

    Tech Analyst

  • Agustín Zalaquett

    Agustín Zalaquett

    Business Analyst

  • Cristina Barraza

    Cristina Barraza

    Head of Administration & Finance

  • Julián Mazzucco

    Julián Mazzucco

    Head of Communications

  • Andrés Amenabar

    Andrés Amenabar

    Human Resources Specialist

  • Marcela Astorga

    Marcela Astorga

    Administration & HR Assistant

  • Sebastián Salas

    Sebastián Salas

    Administration and HR Assistant 

  • Fabrizio Cattaneo

    Fabrizio Cattaneo


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