Cristina Rojas

Cristina Rojas

Commercial Engineer and Master’s in Business Administration, UDD. MSc. in Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University

Cristina has been part of INNSPIRAL since 2015. In her role as Project Manager, she leads the development and implementation of innovation projects. Previously, she worked in the public and private sectors managing innovation projects and providing consultancy to international organizations such as UNICEF. Additionally, she worked as a Project Evaluator at Innova Biobío and as the Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Program at the National Women’s Service (SERNAM) Biobío.

Experience in:

Consumer Goods 
Public Sector 
International Organizations 
Nonprofit Organizations 
Informal Corporate Networks

Other news

  • The future of mining: an adaptive challenge

    The future of mining: an adaptive challenge

    9 de April de 2024

    Diario Financiero | Mining in Chile is compelled to continue innovating for its transformation. The reason is straightforward: it produces one-third of the world’s copper and holds the same proportion of the planet’s reserves. With a projected production of 5.78 million tons for 2022, any alteration would have significant national and global ramifications. The industry faces […]

  • The opportunity that challenges the status quo

    The opportunity that challenges the status quo

    9 de April de 2024

    The venture capital industry in Chile invested US$ 63 million in 2019, US$ 160 million in 2020, and so far in 2021, investment has multiplied again, surpassing US$ 400 million, not including the investments received by the two new Chilean unicorns, Cornershop and NotCo.  Undoubtedly, the pandemic is related to this trend of increasing investments […]

  • A new transformative force

    A new transformative force

    9 de April de 2024

    El Mercurio | The five leading companies in market capitalization in the US are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), and Facebook. All of them were funded with entrepreneurial capital (VC: Venture Capital). Each was conceived to create value appreciated by consumers worldwide and grew exponentially on a global scale. Amazon was founded in 1994. Within […]

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