The future of mining: an adaptive challenge

The future of mining: an adaptive challenge

The Chilean mining industry, which produces a third of the world’s copper, is facing crucial challenges. Innovation emerges as the key to addressing sustainability issues, carbon neutrality, and water scarcity. Beyond a technical challenge, the importance of a cultural and educational transformation is emphasized to drive innovation and ensure the sustainable future of mining in Chile.

Diario Financiero | Mining in Chile is compelled to continue innovating for its transformation. The reason is straightforward: it produces one-third of the world’s copper and holds the same proportion of the planet’s reserves. With a projected production of 5.78 million tons for 2022, any alteration would have significant national and global ramifications.

The industry faces various multifaceted challenges in the future, encompassing productivity, sustainability, digitalization, human capital, operational efficiency, legitimacy, and community relations. Innovation presents mining companies with significant opportunities to enhance efficiency, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

In Chile, achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 is a primary objective. This endeavor necessitates innovation to combat water scarcity through improved water usage, recirculation, or desalination technologies, as well as robotization for enhanced safety, promotion of eco-friendly copper to ensure sustainable electromobility, and addressing tailings dam issues to minimize their impact or develop alternative solutions.

However, it is crucial to recognize that this transformation extends beyond technical challenges—it represents an adaptive challenge. Therefore, the role of culture and education is paramount.

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