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Sodimac drives innovation with its Supplier Center (CIP)

Sodimac drives innovation with its Supplier Center (CIP)
With the support of INNSPIRAL, Sodimac set out to formalize and drive innovation as a differentiating strategy, creating the Center for Innovation for Suppliers (CIP) in 2013. Through this initiative, around 50 associated suppliers developed innovative products, consolidating innovation as a strategic pillar in Sodimac's business.

In 2012, the Chilean multinational home improvement retailer set out to innovate, aligning with the strategic pillar of differentiating itself to improve the quality of life for its customers. The seed of innovation was intuitively present in the company’s executives. It was necessary to formalize and systematize it to deliver predictable and impactful results.

Sodimac, with the support of INNSPIRAL, decided to leverage its suppliers to create value, bringing together the necessary capabilities for joint innovation. Thus, at the end of 2012, the Center for Innovation for Suppliers (CIP) was formed, and in 2013, the first pilot of the Center was launched with 6 suppliers.

In January 2014, the CIP began generating revenue, and by November 2015, the results were significant, with innovative products developed by around 50 associated suppliers. Today, innovation is an important part of Sodimac’s business strategy, with a validated and established formal process that includes innovation metrics (i3) and results for both Sodimac and its CIP suppliers. In 2015 alone, they amounted to sales of around $3.6 billion, confirmed Sodimac Chile’s general manager, Eduardo Mizón.

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