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Servipag measures the innovative impact in collaboration with INNSPIRAL

Servipag measures the innovative impact in collaboration with INNSPIRAL
As a pioneer in payment solutions, Servipag undertook a precise assessment of how its innovation initiatives were contributing to EBITDA back in 2016. Teaming up with INNSPIRAL, they deployed a strategic analysis and quantification of projects, involving five critical management areas. Find out how Servipag, with the backing of INNSPIRAL, visualizes and gauges the financial impact of innovation on its business triumphs.

Servipag, a leading player in payment solutions, has been immersed in innovation initiatives since 2012. Despite having a dedicated department and invested resources, they lacked a clear vision on the return of that investment. In 2016, they decided to precisely quantify the impact of these initiatives on their business, led by then General Manager, Óscar Álvarez, who sought collaboration from INNSPIRAL.

Upon arrival, INNSPIRAL and Servipag analyzed the innovation strategy and executed projects. Each initiative was quantified using the Innovation Intensity Indicator (i3®), thus establishing the baseline for the indicator. The departments of Innovation, Physical Channels, Finance, Management Control, and IT were fully involved in this process.

After a 10-week project, the i3 measurement was achieved for three periods: 2015, 2016, and a projection for 2017. The latter incorporated a goal and action plan, agreed upon by the Innovation Executive Committee, formed by Servipag and INNSPIRAL. Nowadays, innovation is deeply rooted in the company, which not only visualizes and measures the EBITDA from innovation but also develops projects to increase i3®, providing high value to Servipag’s customers.

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