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Strategic Innovation: Hortifrut leading the global berry market

Strategic Innovation: Hortifrut leading the global berry market
Hortifrut, the world's leading berry producer, shifts its approach with INNSPIRAL. Discover how systematic innovation supported by INNSPIRAL keeps Hortifrut at the top of the global berry market, leading in a highly competitive environment.

In 2017, Hortifrut, the leading producer and marketer of blueberries and berries worldwide, made the strategic decision to formalize its focus on innovation. This step was taken in response to changing consumer needs, environmental pressures related to the use of plastics, and the introduction of new, higher-quality varieties. All of this was framed within the company’s mission to bring “All Berries to Everyone, Every Day.”

Collaboration with INNSPIRAL marked the first phase of this process. It began with the construction and measurement of the Innovation Intensity Index (i3), followed by the definition of an Innovation governance. INNSPIRAL worked on the systematization and management of innovation, focusing clearly on strategic areas for the entire value chain of Hortifrut. This approach actively involved customers and end consumers in the various geographies where the company operates.

Two years into the project, INNSPIRAL has significantly contributed, impacting customers and end consumers. Systematic innovation, supported by INNSPIRAL, keeps Hortifrut in a leading position in a highly competitive market. Ramiro Soffia, General Manager of Hortifrut Chile, highlights the critical importance of continuous innovation to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive business environment.

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