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Hogar de Cristo: Transforming solidarity through Crowdfunding

Hogar de Cristo: Transforming solidarity through Crowdfunding
Hogar de Cristo, with over 70 years of history, aimed to engage with Chilean youth to stay relevant. INNSPIRAL developed and prototyped a crowdfunding platform targeted at millennials, generating direct funding for 26 specific causes and raising $6 million. This project not only connected the foundation with the new generation but also opened up possibilities for future innovative solutions.

For over 70 years, Hogar de Cristo has provided shelter and support to the most excluded members of society through its 13 lines of action. One of the foundation’s challenges was to connect with the youth of Chile to remain relevant. To address this, a specific solution was proposed: crowdfunding. The task at hand was to develop, prototype, and verify whether this initiative would mobilize the public. INNSPIRAL took on the challenge.

Millennials were pre-defined as a key demographic segment for this solution. INNSPIRAL identified opportunities within various subsegments of this group to understand their needs and habits regarding solidarity. Based on this, a virtual crowdfunding platform was developed, allowing users to browse, select a cause, and contribute directly through the platform.

The outcome: direct funding for 26 specific causes across different thematic areas, raising a total of $6 million in contributions. The platform demonstrated the ability to connect the organization with millennials and identified four potential new solutions derived from the same tool. The project yielded a dozen conclusions that informed the development of the current crowdfunding model at Hogar de Cristo.

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