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Denda: The sustainable marketplace driven by Engie Factory and INNSPIRAL

Denda: The sustainable marketplace driven by Engie Factory and INNSPIRAL
Inspired by the need to connect people with environmentally responsible products, Denda emerged as the first sustainable marketplace. Empowered by Engie Factory since 2016, Denda goes beyond product sales, collaborating with other companies to offer intelligent and sustainable Full Commerce solutions.

“There’s a lack of awareness among people about where to find products or services that promote environmental responsibility.” This was the core idea behind a group of entrepreneurs who envisioned creating the first marketplace dedicated to connecting individuals with eco-friendly products.

This vision gave birth to Denda, a platform aimed at providing a growing audience with products across various categories, all geared towards fostering sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. Empowered by Engie Factory since 2016, with support from INNSPIRAL, Denda has evolved beyond just retailing products online. They now assist other businesses in selling their products intelligently and sustainably through comprehensive commerce solutions.

Denda’s future appears bright. “Engie’s support across various countries has facilitated our rapid expansion,” notes Victoria Peña, the startup’s COO. Meanwhile, Felipe Parragué, CEO of Denda Latam, emphasizes, “In 2018, we solidified our presence in Chile and Mexico, establishing ourselves as an e-commerce benchmark. As we move into 2019, we’re poised for further growth and exploring new market segments.

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