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Transelec: Enhancing its value through strategic innovation

Transelec: Enhancing its value through strategic innovation
Anticipating challenges in the electric industry, Transelec teamed up with INNSPIRAL in 2015 to integrate strategic innovation. The outcome: 57 projects, yielding US$14 million in company value over three years. Making innovation management the cornerstone for expediting strategic goals.

In 2015, anticipating a series of challenges in the electric transmission industry, Transelec decided it was time to incorporate radical systems and methodologies to address this scenario while ensuring sustainable business growth.

INNSPIRAL was chosen to incorporate innovation systematization capabilities. Focus areas, goals, and, for the first time, a strategy for the area were defined to leverage company value with two sub-indicators: EBITDA and level of investment in transmission projects.

As a result of innovation management, 57 projects were generated, with 19 of them in operation. In the second phase of the project, in 2016, prototypes were implemented for the development and adoption of sensor technologies for transmission facilities, protection of structures in aggressive environmental conditions, and analytical methodologies for the study and planning of the national electrical system. After 3 years of work, US$14 million were contributed to company value, based on the measurement of Innovation Intensity (i3). According to Transelec’s Manager of Digital Transformation and Innovation, Alejandro Rehbein, innovation management has been essential to “accelerate the achievement of the business’s strategic objectives. Without value, there is no innovation.

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