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Mall Plaza incorporates innovation into its structure with the support of INNSPIRAL

Mall Plaza incorporates innovation into its structure with the support of INNSPIRAL
In its constant pursuit of leadership, Mall Plaza set out to integrate innovation into its structure in 2012. With the collaboration of INNSPIRAL, an innovative governance was established, and a portfolio of projects focused on creating value for both tenants and end customers was developed. Thanks to this, Mall Plaza consolidates its leadership position, standing out for its pioneering approach in initiatives such as green solutions and improvements in the customer experience.

In 2012, one of Chile’s leading retailers set out to embed innovation into its organizational structure to sustain its market leadership. Mall Plaza enlisted the support of INNSPIRAL to address this challenge collaboratively.

INNSPIRAL commenced by establishing a governance framework and an innovation department. Subsequently, a portfolio of projects was devised, focusing on delivering value to end customers. These initiatives encompassed two main areas: optimizing store operations for cost efficiency and implementing solutions to enhance the customer experience. In the former, efforts were directed towards initiatives such as energy-efficient air conditioning and innovative green architectural solutions, where Mall Plaza led the way. In the latter, the aim was to bolster the retailer’s offerings for both tenants and end customers.

After three years of collaboration, Mall Plaza had successfully ingrained innovation into its operations, enhancing its offerings for both tenants and end customers. Concurrently, the company had laid the groundwork for the future of retail in Chile, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the customer experience, thus enabling it to maintain its leadership position.

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