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Grupo DISAL is driving innovation based on science and technology.

Grupo DISAL is driving innovation based on science and technology.
In 2015, Grupo DISAL, a leader in environmental solutions in Chile and South America, embarked on the systematization of innovation to strengthen its leadership. With the collaboration of INNSPIRAL, a focused innovation strategy was designed, targeting water, waste, and technological development, consolidating innovation as a strategic pillar in Grupo Disal's operations.

In 2015, Grupo DISAL, a leading player in environmental solutions in Chile and South America, recognized the need to formalize innovation within its business strategy to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market. With global competitors entering the local industry armed with cutting-edge services and global expertise, Grupo DISAL saw an opportunity to leverage its position by fostering innovation across its subsidiaries. This required a systematic approach to innovation to address emerging challenges and meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Partnering with INNSPIRAL, Grupo DISAL embarked on a journey to redefine its approach to innovation. INNSPIRAL’s methodology allowed for a deep dive into Grupo DISAL’s business landscape, leading to the development of a comprehensive innovation strategy. This strategy identified key markets and outlined a portfolio of projects aimed at delivering impactful solutions to clients. By co-designing the innovation strategy, Grupo DISAL and INNSPIRAL were able to focus on three core areas: water, waste management, and technological advancements.

By the end of 2016, Grupo DISAL had made significant strides in its innovation journey. Through the implementation of the innovation strategy, a range of projects had been initiated across its subsidiaries, each aimed at addressing specific challenges and opportunities. For instance, Ingeclean developed a groundbreaking prototype for pest control leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Suatrans introduced a digital platform for managing fire protection systems, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Meanwhile, DISAL Chile spearheaded a circular economy initiative for the comprehensive management of industrial waste. These innovations have not only strengthened Grupo DISAL’s market position but have also embedded a culture of innovation within the organization, ensuring its continued success in the dynamic environmental solutions sector.

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