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Climo: Innovation in Climate Control with the Support of Engie Factory and INNSPIRAL

Climo: Innovation in Climate Control with the Support of Engie Factory and INNSPIRAL
Climo, the pioneering startup in climate control services, has rapidly scaled in the market thanks to the support of Engie Factory and INNSPIRAL. Since its inception in 2016, Climo has redefined climate control with an innovative and efficient approach, gaining over a thousand customers and establishing itself as a leader in both residential and commercial sectors.

Climo is a startup that aims to improve people’s quality of life through a fundamental resource: maintaining comfortable temperatures in the spaces they inhabit. The company emerged in 2016 with the support of Engie Factory – the business accelerator of the Engie Group in Latin America, backed by INNSPIRAL – which empowered it through its Company Builder model. This model involves internally developing projects from the innovation focus areas of the ENGIE Group, validating them, creating the startup, and taking it to the next level of growth through designated leaders.

Climo has created a value proposition that combines high technology in energy efficiency with digitalization of variables and a disruptive business model, offering an air conditioning service with monthly subscription plans and no initial investment. Climo’s plans include a control and monitoring system for intelligent energy management of spaces, which show significant savings compared to traditional climate control solutions.

By the end of 2018, Climo already had over a thousand customers in the residential and corporate markets. In the latter segment, it has partnerships with large companies for the integration of value-added solutions. Additionally, it has a consolidated offering for the real estate market. According to its CEO, Mariana Villegas, Engie’s support has been crucial for the construction and growth of the company.

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