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Innovation in concrete logistics: The digital revolution of Cementos Bio Bío

Innovation in concrete logistics: The digital revolution of Cementos Bio Bío
Discover the groundbreaking changes in concrete dispatch scheduling pioneered by Cementos Bio Bío in partnership with INNSPIRAL. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to an unparalleled digital solution, showcasing tangible impacts across three concrete plants in Chile.

In 2018, Cementos Bio Bío (Cbb), one of the leading companies in Chile in lime, concrete, and cement, took over a critical and overlooked part of the cement business in the national industry: the scheduling of concrete dispatches to its customers (concreting). The collaboration with INNSPIRAL, which had begun at its headquarters in 2017, indicated an opportunity to drastically improve this process through innovation, in terms of resources invested, dispatch accuracy in terms of timing, and customer experience.

The teams at Cbb and INNSPIRAL decided that this opportunity required the digital transformation of the dispatch scheduling process, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Involving the IT, Commercial, Operations, Product, Logistics, and Innovation departments, a 100% digital solution was designed based on two components: an internal interface for digitalizing capabilities and an intelligent scheduler capable of managing concrete orders, modifications, and cancellations dynamically and in real-time, with its interface available in both web and mobile application formats.

After 4 months of work, the first version of the platform was delivered, which is currently being implemented in three concrete plants in different parts of Chile. The expected results are an annual increase of 5% in fleet utilization and a unique service experience in the market.

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