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Arcor launches key products in its portfolio with the support of INNSPIRAL

Arcor launches key products in its portfolio with the support of INNSPIRAL
In a dynamic food market, Arcor sought innovation to stand out in the competition. With the support of INNSPIRAL, a methodology involving over 400 people, from consumers to storekeepers, was implemented. The result was the successful launch of three products, including Hobby Energy and Natural Break, which are now fundamental pillars in Arcor's revenue.

The food industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world. In Chile alone, thousands of products are launched into the market every year, with more than half of them falling by the wayside. Taking this scenario into consideration, Arcor decided to integrate innovation into its operations. INNSPIRAL was selected to tackle this task.

In the initial stage, INNSPIRAL deployed its methodology, engaging in over 400 interactions with consumers, storekeepers, and other influential stakeholders, revealing their practices and needs. Simultaneously, Arcor established the structures and capabilities to make innovation a sustainable reality, including the Innovation Committee, comprised of the company’s senior management in the food sector and the management team.

By the end of 2016, after two years of collaboration, Arcor and INNSPIRAL had created and launched three products that now represent a significant portion of Arcor’s revenue: Hobby Energy, an energy bar that combines immediate and long-term energy; Natural Break, born from the need for a healthy snack in the right portion size; and Cracker Dips, which emerged from the shift in snacking habits from traditional to more gourmet options.

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